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Monday, February 13, 2012 Giveaway!

I'm so excited!  I just joined Twitter (ChristianMom003) a few days ago and came across Candace Cameron Bure there.  I checked out her website, watched her testimony, and today came across this awesome website by her!  Check it out

The do a much better job of explaining what this site is about, and why, so I'm just going to copy their info.  I've linked the site above, so please, check it out!

Why the name Roo?

Roo – As in Kangaroo
There are two words synonymous with Kangaroo : strength and femininity. Strength, because a kangaroo is known as a boxer. She’s tough, ready to fight the battle and prepared at all times by her God given attributes. Femininity, because she carries her baby (joey) snuggled in her front pouch for up to 18 months. She goes to any length to love, nurture and protect her child. Roo Magazine is a reflection of the picture the kangaroo gives us. A reflection of the woman who embraces and lives out her strength and her femininity with strong power and beautiful grace.

Who we are

We believe that traditional values are not necessarily old-fashioned values. We believe that modern women want traditional values.
Traditional values are one thing, but they aren’t our ultimate goal as parents. They are of great value, but unless they are backed by a strong conviction they are nothing but traditions and choice. Values are a means of growth, but the fruit we produce as a result of them depend on the beliefs that are backing those values.
  • We believe in radiant health, which includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • We believe that women are enthralled with beauty and fashion, and that shopping is the female equivalent to hunting down moose.
  • We believe that children grow when they are nourished with love, direction, and discipline and that compassionate discipline is firm at times.
  • We believe that embracing these roles brings ultimate empowerment to our femininity.
  • We believe that the mother of George Washington and wife of Martin Luther King have had more influence and impact on modern society that any corporate CEO.
  • We believe that wives were created to be helpers to their husbands, building them up to become strong leaders in their homes.

What we do

We believe that if united with the purpose to support encourage and trade secrets with each other, that together we can be one of the most powerful influences on the future of our world

Why it Matters to Us

The extreme feminist mindset is a minority in our society, and although pop culture tends to portray it as the norm–real women believe differently.
Modern women in the trenches of motherhood can feel isolated at times, and want a watering hole where they can gather with like-minded women. They need support that empowers them to optimally function. They seek to find fulfillment and purpose in who they are.

As you can see, this is a great site for Christian Moms who see that the world needs a change, especially among Mothers.  Plus, they are having great giveaways this week!  Starting today February 13, and ending the 19th, visit (or click here for the giveaway page) to enter for a chance to win.  5 winners will receive a copy of Candace's book Reshaping It All, plus a CD copy of her testimony.  Winners will be announced February 22.  There a 6 ways to enter, so head over there and get started!

Have an AWESOME day, know that God is in control!

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