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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tinkerbell Party Favors: Part 2

 This is the almost finished Fairy Jar I was working on for my daughter's 4th birthday party.  She loves fairies, especially Tinkerbell.  In fact, there are many days where she spends her time 'flying' around the house and I have to help her attach her 'fairy wings' (that are invisible) so she can fly.  If you missed my first post with the instructions to make these fairy jars, click here.

I'll be honest, they didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped.  I had to do some quick rearranging because the jars turned out so cute, my hubby and I couldn't stand the thought of putting anything in them besides the lights!  Thankfully, I had purchased some sets of Tinkerbell favors that came with bags.  So, I just put all the favors candies into the Tinkerbell bags. 

*Note to self*  The favors jars would have been plenty to send home with the kids.   They absolutely loved them...even the boys!  They were a definite hit! 

I estimated that I made these favors for around $2.00 a piece, probably a little bit less.

 I ordered battery operated, color changing tea light candles from Amazon.  I got free shipping, and the price wasn't bad.  I probably could have gotten them at Walmart cheaper, but they wouldn't have changed color, and with 3 young kids, going anywhere with them has the potential to be a nightmare.

 Next, I bought a strip of pre-taped velcro at Walmart for next to nothing.  I cut it into small squares (I only needed to use about half the velcro) and stuck one square in the bottom of each jar.  My hand was too big to reach all the way down, so I used a pair of tongs to put them in place, and a wooden chopstick to push it down.  (Yay me for marrying a Korean man!)

 Then I put the sqares from the other side of the vecro onto the back of the candle.

 These are the candies and Tinkerbell things I bought to put inside the favor jars....which I ended up not putting in the favor jars.

All of the jars lighting up beautifully!

Close up of how pretty the jars turned out!

 At the last minute, I decided to put a Tinkerbell sticker on the front of each jar.  That way, there was no mistake that this was a Tinkerbell party and these were fairy jars.  It looks like the lights weren't very bright in this picture, but the lighting at the gym was really strange.  Hardly and of my pictures from there turned out -- it was very discouraging.  The jars lit up really well at home.

This pretty lady is my daughter!  She had a great time at her gymnastics party.

Tinkerbell and friends cupcakes

Close up of Tinkerbell cake

Tinkerbell cake

Overall, this was a really fun party to plan.  The favors were super fun to design and make.  And I absolutely love making my kids birthday cakes.  I really happy with how everything turned out :)  I hope you enjoyed the process as well!

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