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"This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Keep watching for pictures of my daughter's Tinkerbell birthday favors, but I wanted to share the idea I had for her cake!  This one is the sample cake I made, then sent it to school with her for her birthday treat!  It turned out really cute!

I used to order all my cakes from Walmart or one of our local grocery stores.  They all do an excellent job, but one year, I think it was for my son's 4th birthday, I wanted to try to make his cake myself.  It was so much fun, and turned out so great!  (I'll do a post on it soon.) I was hooked and haven't bought a birthday cake since!

First, I made a chocolate bundt cake.  You can make any flavor you like, we just happen to be a chocolate family -- well, except for my husband, but he was outnumbered.  Once it was cool enough, I turned it out of the pan to cool completely.
While it was cooling, I wrapped my extra large cutting board (I only use it for cakes) in some leftover Tinkerbell wrapping paper.  It made a really neat background for the cake once it was finished!  After the cake was cool, I put it on a piece of wax paper on top the wrapping paper covered cutting board.  Then i made my green icing. You can always make your own and save some money, but I lead a Bible study on Monday nights, and of course, this was Monday night, so I just used 2 large containers of Duncan Hines Fluffy White Whipped Icing. I did have some leftover that my husband gladly ate so it didn't go to waste :) I made my icing pretty green so it would match my Tinkerbell doll I was using for the center.
The Tinkerbell doll in the center gave me some problmes.  First, I wrapped her lower body in plastic wrap to try to preserve her for future use or play :)  Hey, reduce, reuse, recycle, right?  But her legs didn't come off and they kept tilting the cake!  So finally, I cut a slice out of the cake for her legs to fit in between.  Then I sliced a small amont off the bottom of that sice and put it back on top of her legs!  Voila!  Add some extra icing on that spot and you couldn't even tell it'd been cut!

I wish I would have smoothed the cake out a little better, but it was getting late and my icing wasn't as stiff as I'd have liked.  Making my own would have been much better!  But anyway, once I put the icing on the cake, I filled in the center of the cake where Tinkerbell sat.  Next I added the Pixie Hollow Fairy set I bought at Walmart, my home away from home.  But it still didn't look quite right...I knew something was missing so I went for my silk flowers.  Add a couple daisies (or some yellow flower) and you're set!

My daughter loved this cake!  My nieces loved this cake!  My daughter's class and teacher loved this cake!  Overall, it was a big hit! I going to do this cake again for her party this weekend, although I bought some new flowers that are also pink.  I think it'll be beautiful!

Good Night!

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